Equipping today’s leaders with the ingenuity and agility to succeed in a rapidly changing world.​

Transform your capability with a leadership program designed for real people in today’s rapidly changing world.​​

Regardless of the industry you are in, it’s safe to say that innovations in technology, process and workflow, coupled with the pressures of a global marketplace are forcing organisations into a state of almost perpetual change and disruption. 

This places huge demands on leaders requiring them to be more creative and adaptive in order to overcome increasingly complex challenges. As the way we undertake work continues to shift, great opportunities abound for a new breed of highly resourceful leaders to mould the workplaces of the future.

Purpose designed to equip participants with the knowledge and insights to lead in a rapidly changing world, Succeeding in Leadership combines the very latest advances in integrated digital learning technology, with cutting edge leadership theory and pedagogy.

Responsive to the learning needs and preferences of busy professionals, the course offers an achievable, engaging and cost-effective way to rapidly optimise your leadership capacity.

Through Succeeding in Leadership, ASAM is delighted to be working in partnership with Australian industry to ensure our leaders continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with best in the world.​



and affordable development​




at your fingertips​

Succeeding in Leadership offers participants a unique opportunity to explore their own strengths and weaknesses as they relate to leadership in the digital age.

During the 6-month course, participants learn to lead in a more agile and adaptive manner and translate their learning into practical ways to enhance team culture and performance.

The course offers participants increased ability in key areas as well as an enhanced understanding of their personal style and preferences. Focused on overcoming real-world challenges, we encourage participants to bring their everyday experiences to the learning environment and work with them to co-construct highly contextualised outcomes.​

Participants will exit the course with an enhanced ability to:

Lead with confidence in today’s rapidly changing world.​

Communicate to achieve common understanding, develop high functioning working relationships and overcome conflict.​

Build a resilient, high performing team.

Achieve results through others by attending to performance, feedback and development.

Overcome complex adaptive challenges and make sound decisions.

Establish a culture that embraces innovation and change as vital ingredients for growth.​

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$3,780 + GST

March 2020

12 months management experience

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Course Modules​

Rethinking leadership

In a constantly changing world, it is crucial for leaders to know who they are and what they represent. This topic exposes participants to some key models of leadership, with special emphasis on an adaptive approach to complex and challenging problems. Participants explore their personal values, their beliefs around the leadership of others, and are invited to consider themselves as a work in progress, open to continuously learning and developing as a leader and as a member of the various communities to which they contribute.

Communicating for impact

Organisations achieve results through the collaboration of people, which requires robust working relationships, at the heart of which is effective communication. This topic will expose participants to proven ways of communicating which lead to greater shared understanding, reduce misunderstanding, reduce conflict and achieve robust outcomes. They will learn how to engage those who think and communicate differently to themselves and be able to communicate candidly and with a sense of curiosity. This leads into the development of skills for engaging in difficult conversations and conflict.

Building high performance teams

Achieving organisational outcomes requires the coordinated effort of people in teams. After building an understanding of the characteristics of high performing teams, participants will develop skills for achieving team trust, building a results-oriented culture of commitment and accountability, and engaging in productive conflict. Their team management profile will be used to identify their own team role preferences, identify and deal with potential blind spots and know how to stretch themselves to work in areas outside their comfort zone. Participants will also learn how to recognise, value, and capitalise on the diversity within their team.

Driving performance

Achieving results through others requires that leaders are able to engage others in the goals and directions of the organisation and achieve outcomes over which they may have little direct control. Participants will learn the principles of human motivation and how to tap into people’s personal sources of motivation. They will develop skills for providing feedback that builds confidence and keeps performance on track. They will learn how to identify people’s development needs and develop skills for coaching others to achieve performance outcomes.

Solving problems and making good decisions

As leaders assume more responsibility, the challenges they encounter become more complex. The ability to properly identify challenges, analyse them and make sound decisions becomes increasingly important. Participants will learn how the framing of a challenge affects the analysis and decisions that stem from it. They will learn how their cognitive and emotional abilities work together to inform how they think, what information they pay attention to and how they make decisions. Participants will be able to separate technical problems from adaptive problems and will also learn how to match decision making styles to the needs of the problem.

Leading a culture of innovation and change

Leadership is fundamentally about successfully achieving change. In today’s world, change is constant and leaders must learn to manage it successfully. Participants will delve more deeply into the realm of adaptive challenges by learning how to see the ‘systemic’ aspects of their challenges. Participants will learn how successful organisations constantly innovate in order to thrive and will begin to develop approaches for creating an innovative culture in their own team. They will also learn how to engage others in change, deal with resistance and manage stakeholders so that they can achieve their own change initiatives.

Committing to leadership

The final module provides a critical opportunity for participants to reflect upon their learning, consider ways to fully leverage their new behaviours and mindsets, and commit to the changes that will enable them to lead with dexterity and resourcefulness now and in the future.

Featuring an effective, proven structure, Succeeding in Leadership is segmented into seven complimentary modules. Collectively, these modules provide a comprehensive exploration of leadership in the contemporary world.​

Enrolment process

All applicants enrolling into Succeeding in Leadership must complete a program application form and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the Admissions Department. Enrolment forms and details may be obtained by contacting the ASAM Admissions Department.

Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

The course enrolment fee is $3,880 (+GST). The enrolment fee covers the Team Management Profile and report, all expert tuition, program related materials and 12-month access to the online learning portal. 


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