Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures 

Admission, Student Fees, Withdrawl and Transfer, Graduation Policies and Procedures.


Student Support and Well-Being Policies and Procedures 


International Students Policies and Procedures 

  • International Student Transfer Between Registered Providers Policy and Procedure 


Library IT and Related Issues Policies and Procedures 

  • Conditions of Use of the Library 
  • Library Loan Rules 
  • Library Resource Access Policy 


Academic Policies and Procedures 


ASAM Forms and Applications  

Enrolment and Variation Forms 

  • Change of Name
  • Course Transfer Application
  • Deferral of Study
  • Special Circumstances Application
  • Student Card Application
  • Variation of Enrolment
  • Withdrawal from Course of Study
  • Withdrawal from Unit/Module and/or Course (post census)
  • Application to Enrol by Proxy
  • Scholarship Application Form


Fee-Help Forms 

  • Cancellation of FEE-HELP Loan Request
  • FEE-HELP Review and Appeals Procedures


International Student Forms 

  • International Students Statement of Purpose
  • International Students Application for Deferral of Studies
  • International Students Application for Withdrawal from Unit (after census)
  • International Students Application for a Letter of Release
  • Application for International Student Withdrawal from Course of Study
  • International Students Credit Card Payment Authorisation Form


Advanced Standing Forms 

  • Credit Application
  • Information on Applying for Credit (Higher Education)


Assessment Forms 

  • Assessment Appeal Application Form
  • Assessment Cover Sheet (for all assessments) (Word document)
  • Assessment Extension Request Form (online form)
  • Application for Special Consideration in Assessment


Examination Special Consideration and External Venues 

Examination Special Consideration aims to provide a fair and equitable system of assessment which takes into account factors that might impact adversely upon student performance. Special Consideration may be granted in cases of illness, accident, bereavement, or other serious circumstance which has adversely affected a student’s studies. Approval is not automatic on lodgement of this form. 

  • Application for Special Consideration in Examination


If you are unable to sit your examinations on campus please use the form below to apply to sit your exam at an external venue. Approval is not automatic on lodgement of this form. 

  • Application to sit Examination at an External Venue


Show Cause 

  • Show Cause Cover Sheet
  • Show Cause Student Information Sheet


Graduation and Academic Transcripts 

Graduation - Students do not need to apply. Please see the Graduation Eligibility & Key Dates Page for further information. 

  • Letter of Completion
  • Official Statement of Attainment Application Form (Only for Vocational Education & Training students who have not yet completed their course)
  • Official Statement of Results Application Form
  • Replacement Testamur Application Form