Our success

Widely respected across the public and private sector, the Colloquium has played an integral role in the development of almost 10,000 individual managers and has become a powerful vehicle to support cultural transformation inside many Australian organisations.

A significant part of the ASAM story can be attributed to the success of the Australian Applied Management Colloquium. First introduced in 2009, following extensive industry consultation, the program has gone from strength to strength, setting new standards for management education in Australia today.

Building alignment and connectivity across the public sector

The Southern Alpine Resort Management Board is the committee of management of all the Crown Land within the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort and Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort. In 2018, the Board’s executive team undertook the Colloquium and set in motion a plan to increase levels of alignment and connectivity across the organisation.​

Public Sector

Supporting leadership excellence in Australia’s Local Government Sector

Since its creation, the Australian Applied Management Colloquium has been extensively adopted by Australia’s local government sector. Starting with Victoria’s Bass Coast Shire Council in 2010, the Colloquium has to date been undertaken by 21 separate councils across the country and has become widely recognised and respected throughout the sector. 

Local Government

Transforming leadership and culture within Australian schools​

In 2012, Auburn North Public School’s leadership team participated in a multi-industry Colloquium program. The unparalleled outcomes experienced by this team, became the catalyst for the creation of a unique school’s version of the program and the birth of a national initiative to increase leadership capability across the K-12 education sector.


Partnering with private business to improve productivity and performance​​

Action Drill & Blast is one of the largest drilling and blasting companies in Australia, employing more than 400 highly skilled and experienced personnel on multiple sites across the country. Using the Colloquium, the organisation created significant improvements in the alignment and effectiveness of its twenty-two strong senior management team.