The Management Development Toolkit ​

High impact development for supervisors, team leaders and frontline managers

Offering high-impact development around key elements of effective leadership the 1-day course is perfect for organisations looking for an intensive, cost effective development option.

The MDT represents a powerful opportunity for organisations to bring their early career management staff together to reflect on their important role as organisational leaders. 

Core Units

Core units are pre-selected for all MDT programs.

Elective Units

Achieving results through others

Elective units are typically selected by participating organisations based on their needs and preferences. We are happy to provide guidance to assist in choosing the right elective units.

A significant transition all leaders must make is from that of individual contributor to one who achieves results through others. This topic will expose participants to the key principles of human motivation and how to tap into people’s personal sources of motivation to achieve results. ​

Building a high-performance team

Achieving outstanding results often requires coordinated effort. This topic will expose participants to the characteristics of high performing teams and suggest ways to achieve team trust and build a high-performing team culture.​

Creating a winning culture

Creating an effective culture is one of the main roles of leaders and has very real implications for their ability to achieve key objectives. This unit will expose participants to the benefits of creating the right culture and suggest ways to build a powerful culture of commitment and accountability within their team.​

Making good decisions

The ability to properly identify problems, analyse them and make sound decisions becomes increasingly important as leaders assume greater responsibility. This topic will expose participants to ways to separate technical problems from adaptive problems and how to match decision making styles to the needs of the problem.​

​Leading change

In today’s world, change is constant and requires a significant investment of time and energy to manage successfully. This unit will expose participants to ways to engage others in change, deal with resistance to change and manage stakeholders, so that they can achieve their own change initiatives.  ​

Prioritising energy and focus

Finding the time and energy to lead others effectively, often whilst balancing an existing workload, can be challenging especially for new managers. This topic will expose participants to the importance of effectively prioritising energy and focus in order to maximise overall performance.​

Choosing your leadership approach

In a constantly changing world, it is crucial for leaders to know who they are and what they represent. This topic exposes participants to some key models of leadership, with special emphasis on an Adaptive approach to complex and challenging problems. 

Communicating with purpose

Organisations achieve results through the collaboration of people, which requires robust working relationships, at the heart of which is effective communication. This topic exposes participants to proven ways of communicating which lead to greater shared understanding, reduce misunderstanding, reduce conflict and achieve robust outcomes.

Under the guidance of respected leadership experts, participants explore a number of customised themes, working together to reinvigorate their approach to leadership and inspire enhanced performance across their teams.

During the workshop, participants are immersed in a highly interactive and engaging learning experience designed to challenge their preconceived notions and build their knowledge and skills.

Course Content

The MDT offers an opportunity for participants to learn, experiment, develop new strategies and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. During the workshop, moderated group discussions unlock important insights from previous experience whilst experiential activities explore a range of new approaches.

The one-day program is typically divided into four distinct but complementary units, two of which are core and two of which are elective. Elective units are selected by participating organisations based on their needs and preferences.


Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

The standard course fee is $8,990 (+ GST) per cohort. The maximum number of participants per cohort is 25. The standard course fee covers all face-to-face training, program related materials and facilitator travel and accommodation.

Delivery Location and Costs

The standard course fee assumes delivery of the face-to-face workshop will be onsite at the client’s offices. The program can be delivered off-site however all costs associated with room, equipment hire and catering will be charged directly to the client.

Delivery Date

A mutually acceptable delivery date will be decided upon registration.


A senior member of the ASAM facilitation team will be appointed upon registration.

Scope and Plan

Leading up to the commencement of this engagement the facilitator will conduct additional consultation with the client to ensure that their specific objectives, issues and outcomes are addressed during the delivery stage.


For all enquiries relating to the Management Development Toolkit course please fill in the form and a member of our Admissions Department will be in touch.

Alternatively you call us on 1300 138 037.

Welcome and introduction

Core Unit 1

Morning Break

Core Unit 2

Lunch Break

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Elective Unit 1

Afternoon Break

Elective Unit 2