Graduate Outcomes

As an ASAM MBA graduate, you will have a detailed awareness of the global business government sectors and be able to plan and execute innovative and sustainable solutions to complex, real-world challenges. 

Your leadership will be based on sound and considered theoretical foundations and problem-solving processes, utilising your deep and broad knowledge and skills to critically analyse and integrate advanced business theories with current professional practice. 

Supported by your deep ability to critically assess, analyse and apply advanced business concepts and theories, you will confidently find yourself writing innovative business plans and analysing business models, pitching new venture ideas to potential investors and JV partners, outlining cost-saving business efficiencies to Board members and directors, or even launching your own sustainable business as a new entrepreneur.



Graduate Employment Opportunities​

An MBA is a practical degree that will open new worlds of opportunity. Wherever you want to take your career, your qualification will be globally recognised. 

As complex economic, political and social factors exert significant influence in domestic and international markets, managers in these fields are now, more than ever, required to build upon knowledge and further develop skills to successfully lead their organisations into the future.  

Graduates of the ASAM MBA will be prepared to take on strategic and senior leadership roles across a range of domestic and international organisations – be they in the field of education, law, health, commerce or with government, industry, public or private sector corporations – or as  entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants. 

With an ASAM MBA you will have the ability to lead with confidence and surety as you step forward with your well-informed ideas, plans, views and opinions to influence the decision-making processes in your organisation. Your communication with Board members, directors, senior managers, peers and staff will be more insightful, powerful and authentic as it will be informed by the learnings from your MBA. 

Well versed in current management practices, you will be aware of new national and international developments and be able to identify, research and make informed strategic decisions regarding current business and government trends and opportunities, making you a strong candidate for targeted career advancement in your chosen industry. 

With highly developed entrepreneurial and communication skills, you will confidently promote and enact your managerial vision in complex contemporary management environments, in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised corporate world and be well prepared to launch your own business ventures or contribute to the growth and development of your current employer. 

A willing and capable leader able to explore, test ideas and respond to new possibilities, you will be a multi-dimensional thinker and graduate as a conscious innovator and ethical practitioner, as you take your place among the outstanding leaders of the world.


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