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Navitas Professional Institute Pty Ltd trading as Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM)

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Student Experience

ASAM prides itself on providing a thriving student experience whilst studying and makes a commitment to supporting your experience whilst studying. For information regarding supporting your experience visit student wellbeing  For information regarding ASAM grievance procedures or to lodge an appeal please view our grievance procedures and policy.

Tertiary Admissions

ASAM Participates in tertiary education admission centre programs within New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria allowing students to easily apply to study in one central location. For further information regarding admission centres we participate in please visit:

QTAC ( Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre)

UAC (NSW Universities Admissions Centre)

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre)

Education Standards

TEQSA is The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) - Australia's independent national regulator of the higher education sector. It aims to uphold education standards for students across various areas of student education experience. Each year ASAM participates in regulated surveys to ensure TEQSA standard are met. For further information regarding TEQSA ( Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency) ASAM participates in a variety of student satisfactory surveys including QILT. For further information regarding QILT.

ASAM Student Profile

To grasp an indication of the likely peer cohort of new students at ASAM, please review our current student profile.

Technical Requirements for ASAM Programs

ASAM campuses provide students with modern, practical environments for creative media study. The physical resources include industry standard equipment, software, and reference materials. The layout of ASAM campuses is designed to achieve an appropriate balance between:

  • Specialist media production facilities
  • Digitally enabled, dedicated teaching spaces
  • Library and Learning Centers (LLC)
  • Collaborative working spaces (physical and online)
  • Student social spaces and communication means

It is recommended that all ASAM students have access to either a Mac or PC laptop, with high-speed internet connections to support their learning outside of the campus. Each ASAM campus has technical and IT staff on hand to assist with any inquiries or support which current students may have. ASAM's Admissions team is able to provide potential students with further information on the technical requirements for the intended course of study.

English Language Support

Each ASAM campus provides students with regular academic support sessions which are referred to as "Strong Foundations" programs. More information on these services and their availability can be found by contacting your local Student Services team. ASAM students can also seek bespoke support from ASAM's Faculty and Library and Learning Centers. Student Services are able to help students access these services at their campus.

Transitioning to Tertiary Study

ASAM recognizes that the transition to tertiary study can be challenging. To support students, ASAM has developed a range of student support services design to provide our students with a broad range of services, designed to make this transition as easy as possible. Our Student Support Policy outlines a range of these services and how you may access them. If you are unsure of what you may need, then please contact your local Student Services Team.