Expert Mentor Program​

Supporting leaders to maximise their ability to guide and develop others through mentoring​

Put simply, mentoring is a relationship that aims to offer new perspective to someone who is looking to grow and develop their skills. There is much research into the benefits of mentoring and the practice has been shown to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, enhance professional development, aid leadership success and reduce attrition. Senior leaders in particular, consistently attribute the role of mentors in their success.
Good mentors have no agenda other than assisting their mentees in reaching their own goals. They aim to provide a safe, confidential space for their mentees to explore new ideas, and an unbiased sounding board to test their assumptions. 
Mentors require skills in facilitating learning – both their own and others. Mentoring is not only about ‘imparting knowledge and wisdom’, it is about meeting the mentee where they are and partnering with them from that place.
The Expert Mentor Program (EMP) has been designed to assist current and aspiring mentors to maximise their approach, in order to provide meaningful professional and personal growth to their mentees.​


Mentoring is a relationship that  aims to offer new perspective to someone who is looking to grow and develop their skills.​

While a mentoring relationship is primarily intended to benefit the mentee, the mentor also has much to gain in experience, confidence and knowledge. For the mentor, the relationship can be equally as beneficial as it is fulfilling.​

What Do You Have To Gain From Mentoring?​

Mentoring Allows You To​

Enhance your self-esteem through recognition of professional abilities​

Challenge the way you see the world and gain new perspective​

Guide and support the next generation of leaders​

Enhance your interpersonal skills​

Build your leadership capacity​

Increase your overall satisfaction with your role​

Engage in reflective practice around your own skills and knowledge​

Gain a sense of satisfaction in assisting others to develop professionally​

Course Structure and Learning Intentions​

The EMP is designed to equip leaders with the confidence and ability to be effective mentors. Guided by experts with practical mentoring experience, participants will explore the mindsets and approaches needed to create meaningful outcomes for their mentees.​

The EMP will provide participants with a dynamic, peer learning experience which is highly collaborative and responsive. The program is delivered online over one full day. The day is broken up into three high-impact, live sessions with breaks in-between. Each session is designed to foster rich dialogue and debate between participants and facilitators. The live sessions are supported by asynchronous pre/post learning.​

Guided by practising 
mentors, participants will…​

Define mentoring and understand how it differs from other helping practices

Explore their own mentoring mindset and reflective practices

Learn the elements of successful mentoring partnerships

Understand the phases of the mentor relationship and practice tools for each phase

Engage in peer group discussion to both support and challenge their thinking​

During the course the following content areas will be explored

Understanding what mentoring is (and isn’t)

The Learning Cycle and style awareness

The impact of using the Appreciative Inquiry approach

Initial conditions and landscape scan

Session structure

The art of listening

The architecture of powerful questions

Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

The enrolment fee covers all tuition and program related materials. The maximum number of participants in one cohort is 30. Contact us for a customised quote.

Delivery Date

A mutually acceptable delivery date will be decided in consultation with participating organisations upon registration.


A senior member of the ASAM facilitation team will be appointed upon registration.

Delivery Location and Costs

The standard course fee assumes delivery of the course will be onsite at the client’s offices. The course can also be delivered off-site however all costs associated with room, equipment hire and catering will be charged directly to the client.

Scope and Plan

Leading up to the commencement of this engagement the primary facilitator will conduct additional consultation with the client to assist in the selection of their preferred units and to ensure that their specific objectives and outcomes are achieved during the delivery stage.


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