Emerge is an inspirational development experience for early career and aspiring leaders. Delivered part-time over four months, the course assists participants with their growth into confident, capable and inclusive leaders.

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Self-Directed Learning Module

Peer Coaching

Workplace Sponsor


Virtual Workshop Days

Workplace Application Project

Leading in Times of Change

Further Information​

Delivery Elements

Fees and Inclusions

The standard course fee is $2,990 (+ GST) per participant. The standard course fee covers all online training and all program related materials.

Scope and Plan

Leading up to the commencement of this engagement the facilitator will conduct additional consultation with the client to ensure that their specific objectives, issues and outcomes are addressed during the delivery stage.

Delivery Format

Emerge is delivered as a fully online course.

Group Size

The minimum cohort size required to undertake the course is 12 participants. The maximum number of participants that can be included in one cohort is 30.

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict

Career and Professional Growth

Elements of a Successful Team

Presence and Presentation Skills

Effective Interpersonal Communication and Feedback

Supporting Leadership Performance

90 Minute Interactive Webinars

Nurturing the emergence of early career leadership potential


Overarching Themes

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