Colloquium​ Intensive

A high impact short course, based on key elements of the Australian Applied Management Colloquium.

The Colloquium Intensive is a three-day development course focused on key aspects of effective leadership and management set out in the Australian Applied Management Colloquium.

Designed for managers who are unable to commit to the full Colloquium program, the intensive version provides concentrated exposure to a range of tools, strategies and approaches that leaders can use every day to rapidly elevate their capability and confidence.

The course is suitable for individuals, teams and larger groups and is applicable across a wide range of vocations and industries.​

PAUL LARKIN Head of Leadership and Development, ASAM​

Course Themes​

In a constantly changing world, it is crucial for leaders to know who they are and what they represent. This topic exposes participants to some key models of leadership, with special emphasis on an adaptive approach to complex and challenging problems. Participants explore their personal values, their beliefs around leadership and management of others, and are invited to consider themselves as a work in progress, open to continuously learning and developing as a leader and as a member of the various communities to which they contribute.​

Organisations achieve results through the collaboration of people, which requires robust working relationships, at the heart of which is effective communication. This topic will expose participants to proven ways of listening and speaking which lead to greater shared understanding, reduce misunderstanding, reduce conflict and achieve robust outcomes. They will learn how to engage those who think and communicate differently to themselves and be able to communicate candidly and with a sense of curiosity. This leads into the development of skills for engaging in difficult conversations and conflict.​

Achieving outstanding organisational results requires the coordinated effort of people in teams. After building an understanding of the characteristics of high performing teams, participants will develop skills for achieving team trust, building a results-oriented culture of commitment and accountability, and engaging in productive conflict. Their Team Management Profile will be used to identify their own team role preferences and those of others, identify and deal with potential blind spots and know how to stretch themselves to work in areas outside their normal preferences. Participants will also learn how to recognise, value, and capitalise on the diversity within their team.​

A significant transition all leaders must make is from that of individual contributor to one who achieves results through others.  This requires that they are able to engage others in the goals and directions of the organisation, assign work appropriately and achieve outcomes over which they may have little direct control. Participants will learn the principles of human motivation and how to tap into people’s personal sources of motivation. They will develop skills for providing feedback that builds confidence and keeps performance on track. They will learn how to identify people’s development needs and develop skills for coaching others to achieve performance outcomes.​

Rethinking leadership

Communicating with purpose

Building high performance teams

Driving collective performance

The Colloquium Intensive offers participants increased capacity across key areas of leadership and management. 

Learning outcomes​

Scope and Plan

Leading up to the commencement of this engagement the facilitator will conduct additional consultation with the client to ensure that their specific objectives, issues and outcomes are addressed during the delivery stage.

Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

The course is designed to be delivered for groups of up to 25 participants. The standard course fee is $27,990 (+ GST) for groups up to and inclusive of 10 participants. Additional participants are charged at a fee of $790 + GST. The standard course fee covers all face-to-face training, program related materials, Team Management Profile for each participant, 12 month access to the online learning portal and facilitator travel and accommodation.

Self-directed Learning Resources​

To support the learning journey, a repository of self-directed content is accessible 24/7 via a state-of-the-art online learning management system that allows participants to engage with it any time from any device. Content includes high quality video tutorials, ‘best practice’ leadership literature and reflective tasks.​


Development Workshop​

During the workshop, participants are immersed in a highly interactive and engaging learning experience designed to challenge their preconceived notions and build their knowledge and skills. The 3-day Development Workshop is the heart of the program offering an opportunity for participants to learn, experiment, develop new strategies and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. During the workshop, moderated group discussions unlock important insights from previous experience whilst experiential activities explore a range of approaches.

Participant Experience

Consolidated into a high impact 3-day experience, the Colloquium Intensive focuses on active participation and hands on experimentation to provide participants with practical tools and strategies to use on the job.

Team Management Profile​

To commence the program, participants complete a personalised Team Management Profile questionnaire, which provides comprehensive information on their work preferences and approach to leadership. Findings from the questionnaire will be broadly discussed during the Development Workshop providing participants with valuable insight into both their own and others preferences and styles. ​

Delivery Location and Costs

The standard course fee assumes delivery of the face-to-face workshop will be onsite at the client’s premises. The program can be delivered off-site however all costs associated with room, equipment hire and catering will be charged directly to the client.

Delivery Date

A mutually acceptable delivery date will be decided upon registration.


A senior member of the ASAM facilitation team will be appointed upon registration.

Participants will exit the course with an enhanced ability to:

Lead in the face of complex, adaptive challenges.

Communicate effectively with others to achieve common understanding, develop robust working relationships and overcome conflict.

Build and maintain high performing teams.

Create a culture of commitment and accountability and a focus on results.

Achieve results through others by attending to performance, feedback and development.


For all enquiries relating to the Colloquium Intensive please fill in the form and a member of our Admissions Department will be in touch.

Alternatively you call us on 1300 138 037.