Leadership Coaching ​

Personalised one-to-one support for leaders and managers at all levels​

We specialise in working with leaders at all levels to hone their leadership capacity and capability. A powerful tool often employed in supporting leadership development is personalised, one-to-one coaching. Through the coaching process we aim to facilitate an individual’s learning, and in so doing, assist them to understand and improve their own performance.​

Extensively trained and possessing real-world leadership experience, our coaches are widely recognised for their expertise in coaching leaders at all levels, across a broad cross-section of sectors and industries.

Coaching Methodology​

Through the coaching process, the participant commits to a considered Development Action Plan aligned with the needs of their stakeholders. The aim of this approach is to equip participants with actual strategies to enable them to overcome their individual challenges. The approach is built on four fundamental elements:​

​All coaches have extensive experience in coaching participants from a wide range of backgrounds and at varying levels of seniority.

Capability Assessment​


As a valuable adjunct to coaching, we offer the option of a range of instruments for deeper personal insight and development. These can be used to provide the basis for exploration into personal leadership style, personality and cognition. Our coaches are variously accredited and experienced in the use of the following instruments, which we can match to individual context and coaching objectives.​

The suite of Hogan assessments available provide insight into personality, motivation and development needs. Hogan can shed light on the bright and dark sides of one’s leadership style and suggest areas for personal growth and development.​

Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI)​

LSI uses both self-assessment and 360° feedback to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles. This in turn sheds light on leadership strengths and critical areas for development.​

Team Management Systems (TMS)

TMS provides a framework for building and maintaining high performing teams. It enables individuals and teams to understand their work and personality preferences, where and how to flex their preferences and achieve better personal and team outcomes.​

Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

MSCEIT provides an assessment of an individual’s Emotional Intelligence. This provides the basis for further development of emotional intelligence skills which are considered to be a crucial adjunct to cognitive intelligence in the realm of leadership.​

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)​

MBTI provides insight into personality type through various preferences we have for thinking and engaging in the world around us. It provides the basis for appreciating one’s own style and also those of others and provides a model for flexing one’s own style and working in diverse teams and organisations.​

360° Feedback

We have also developed our own Leadership 360° feedback tool that provides an understanding of how one is perceived and experienced by others across four critical leadership domains. This provides insight into the strengths one should build on and critical areas of development.​

Integrated Framework

Our coaching framework consists of distinct work phases which identify developmental needs and provide tailored developmental outcomes.

Focused on the individual

One ‘size’ does not fit all. In order to maximise the impact of coaching, participants’ individual needs are assessed and outcomes are designed accordingly.

Proven tools and techniques

All tools used by coaches have been thoroughly tried and tested and are subject to on-going development and refinement.

Extensive experience


For all enquiries relating to the Leadership Coaching or Capability Assessments please fill in the form and a member of our Client Solutions team will be in touch.

Alternatively you call us on 1300 138 037.

Utilising a spectrum of models, and focusing on cognitive and behavioural outcomes, we offer a rigorous, best-practice approach to coaching which adheres to the code of ethics established by the International Coach Federation.​​

Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

• Contact us for a customised quote.

Standard coaching sessions are 60 minutes in duration and conducted online using zoom video conferencing. Coaching fees are per participant.

Capability Assessments are priced per person and are offered as standalone products or as addons to coaching programs. Some capability assessments require an additional 90 minute debrief by an accredited practitioner. For further details and full costings please complete the enquiry form below.

Enrolment Process

All applicants enrolling for a Coaching Program and or Capability Assessment must satisfy ASAM’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the Admissions Department. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the ASAM Admissions Department.

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