Leadership Team Collegiality at Bass Coast Shire Council


Bass Coast Shire Council  is located in the south-eastern part of Victoria, approximately 125 kilometres from Melbourne. It covers an area of 866 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 36,000.

Bass Coast Shire Council’s Chief Executive Officer Allan Bawden had observed the need to develop all levels of the organisations leadership. Utilising the Applied Management Colloquium, this included the engagement of the executive, manager and coordinator cohorts.

The power and influence of involving so many staff in one program was transformational. All participants stepped up in their leadership roles in a way that was apparent to all in the organisation. There was a real sense of confidence and an air of optimism that they were better equipped to meet future challenges and make a real difference in the community.

Bass Coast Shire Council utilised the Colloquium to develop leadership skills for all people leaders and improve working relationships across the organisation.

Allan Bawden

CEO Bass Coast Shire Council

My expectations were exceeded in every area. It’s a wonderful program and can be a life-changing experience in your personal and working life

Allan Bawden, Chief Executive Officer, Bass Coast Shire Council shares his reflections of the Colloquium and the transformational impact of the program for his entire leadership team.

Allan Bawden

Chief Executive Officer

I would commend the Colloquium to any Chief Executive who wants to invest in their people and develop their leadership potential.

Shared vision

Team unity

Collective achievement




  • Cohesion of the collective leadership team
  • Transformed approach to leadership
  • Organisational values engrained, understood and communicated
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Growth and development of individual leaders

The Bass Coast Shire Council executive team, managers and coordinators benefited from their GPS Colloquium through:

Bass Coast Shire Council Elected Member Abridged Colloquium

Bass Coast Shire Council Coordinator Colloquium