Additional information for students

Technical Requirements for ASAM courses

ASAM provides students with modern, practical environments for study. The physical resources include industry standard equipment, software, and reference materials. The layout of ASAM campuses is designed to achieve an appropriate balance between: 

  • Digitally enabled, dedicated teaching spaces both online and on campus 
  • Library and Learning Centers (LLC) 
  • Collaborative working spaces online and on campus  
  • Student social spaces and means of communication online and on campus.

It is recommended that all ASAM students have access to either a Mac or PC laptop, with high-speed internet connections to support their learning outside of the campus. ASAM has technical and IT staff who can assist with any inquiries or support you may have. ASAM's Admissions team can provide prospective students with further information on the technical requirements for the intended course of study. 

Student support services 

ASAM has a range of Student Support Services.