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The Colloquium is designed to expand the capacity of existing managers and is most suitable for participants with an understanding of leadership and its impact on team and organisational performance. The Colloquium is suitable for individuals, teams and larger groups and is applicable across a wide range of vocations and industries.

Designed to be undertaken in conjunction with full-time work, the Colloquium is intended for existing managers seeking a truly transformative developmental experience.

Participants will exit the course with an enhanced ability to:

  • Lead in the face of complex, adaptive challenges.

  • Communicate effectively with others to achieve common understanding, develop robust working relationships and overcome conflict.

  • Build and maintain high performing teams.

  • Create a culture of commitment and accountability and a focus on results.

  • Achieve results through others by attending to performance, feedback and development.

  • Deal with and adapt to complex challenges, solve problems and make sound decisions.

  • Establish and lead a culture that prioritises innovation and change in order to succeed in the digital age.

The Applied Management Colloquium is the benchmark for practice-based management education in Australia today. Underpinned by ten years of industry-based research, the Colloquium continues to support hundreds of Australians every year to become more confident, adaptive and effective leaders.

First introduced in 2009, the Colloquium has set a new standard for management education in Australia. Key factors in the Colloquium’s widespread success are its focus on practical, applied learning outcomes and its high degree of applicability across diverse industries and vocations. The program is underpinned by extensive industry-based research and has been used as a vehicle to reshape management development in several key industries. ​Learn more


The Applied Management Colloquium is a six-month course offering participants a unique opportunity to explore their own strengths and weaknesses as they relate to leading effective teams in the digital age.

Through a highly collaborative learning journey, participants accelerate their own knowledge, skills and confidence and translate their learning into practical ways to strengthen the performance of those they lead.

Comprising a sophisticated combination of expert tuition, face-to-face workshops, personalised coaching and work integrated learning, the Colloquium is strategically paced, to allow crucial time for participants to experiment with new approaches, evaluate their success and drive real business outcomes.

Focused on overcoming the leadership challenges of a fast-paced digital world, we encourage participants to bring their own unique context to the learning environment and work with them to co-construct outcomes with a high degree of practical relevance and applicability.


The Colloquium offers participants increased capacity in a broad range of areas related to leadership and management.

Further Information​

Fees and Inclusions

The course is designed to be delivered for groups of up to 25 participants. Contact us for a customised quote.

Scope and Plan

Leading up to the commencement of this engagement the facilitator will conduct additional consultation with the client to ensure that their specific objectives, issues and outcomes are addressed during the delivery stage.

Participant Experience

The Colloquium employs an integrated learning methodology that comprises intensive group workshops, peer knowledge-sharing, one-to-one coaching and practical workplace application. Throughout the program, discussion and exploration is guided by the day-to-day realities and challenges of participants, ensuring learning outcomes are relevant and practical. 

Capability Assessment​

The course commences with participants engaging in an examination of their leadership and learning goals. Participants complete a Capability Assessment and then undertake their first coaching session, in which they explore their assessment with a qualified executive coach. Fortified with this new insight participants enter the first workshop with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to their development.

Leadership Coaching

With their dedicated leadership coach, participants take a deep dive into their individual situations and establish the foundations for their unique vision of success. Participants attend one ninety-minute and three sixty-minute coaching sessions at key milestones throughout the course. ASAM employs a rigorous, best practice approach to coaching which adheres to the code of ethics established by the International Coaching Federation. Coaching is delivered via the Zoom online conferencing platform.

The course includes 7, highly engaging, full-day workshops, 3 at the start, 2 in the middle and 2 at the end. Through the workshops, participants are challenged to explore a variety of themes and scenarios linked to leadership and organisational performance. Working collaboratively to overcome common challenges provides valuable new insight informed by collective experience. The workshops also provide an invaluable opportunity to network with other participants and build important professional relationships.

In-person group workshops


SUSIE STATON Operations Manager

Course Map

6 months

Delivery Location and Costs

The standard course fee assumes delivery of the face-to-face workshop will be onsite at the client’s premises. The program can be delivered off-site however all costs associated with room, equipment hire and catering will be charged directly to the client.

Delivery Date

A mutually acceptable delivery date will be decided upon registration.


A senior member of the ASAM facilitation team will be appointed upon registration.

Learning outcomes​


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